EarlyBird Morning Cocktail

$89.00 $67.00
You save: $22.00 USD (24.72%)

EarlyBird Morning Cocktail

$89.00 $67.00
You save: $22.00 USD (24.72%)
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Join Club EarlyBird Today and Receive:

1) EarlyBird Morning Cocktail Tub (45 servings)

2) FREE EarlyBird Cocktail Shaker Cup

  • Our signature 10 oz shaker makes the perfect Morning Cocktail, every time
  • Shakes & blends for maximum flavor
  • Easy-pour design lets you enjoy your EarlyBird straight from the shaker
  • Screw-on lid to prevent any leaks


3) FREE E-Book- The Perfect Morning Routine

  • Habit #1: The best way to get a mental edge over any competition (it's not easy, but so worth it!
  • Habit #2: The exact stretching routine to do every morning that drastically increases mobility in less than 15 min
  • Habit #3: Discover the journaling technique that relieves all stress and puts you in a "get sh*t done" mentality!
  • Habit #4: The movement routine that easily get's your blood flowing
  • 3 Bonus Habits giving you the ability to create your own personalized Perfect Morning Routine

4) We'll Pay Shipping (Priority Mail)

EarlyBird Packages

1 Tub Package

$89 $67
  • 1 tub - 2 Month Supply*
  • FREE Cocktail Shaker Cup
  • FREE Blueprint- "The Perfect Morning Routine"
  • ​ ​ FREE Shipping & Handling

2 Tub Package

$178 $97
  • 2 tubs - 4 Month Supply*
  • FREE Cocktail Shaker Cup
  • FREE Blueprint- "The Perfect Morning Routine"
  • FREE Shipping & Handling

4 Tub Package

$356 $177
(That's $48 per tub!)
  • 4 tubs - 8 Month Supply*
  • 2 FREE Cocktail Shaker Cups
  • FREE Blueprint- "The Perfect Morning Routine"
  • FREE Shipping & Handling

The 3 Blends That Make EarlyBird Work

Supercharged Hydration Blend

Our specially formulated, high-quality electrolytes deliver the hydration your body needs to function optimally. It's literally like drinking supercharged water.

Clean Energy Blend

A unique blend of green coffee bean extract, a patented antioxidant blend of over 25 fruits and veggie extracts, L-theanine, and GABA. This blend quickly eliminates the impulse to hit snooze and fills your morning with energy (without the crash).

Be Happy Blend

The powerful combination of patented nootropics, Ashwagandha, Theobromine, and Neurofactor gives you the ability to move through your morning with smiles and motivation.

How It Works

See What Other EarlyBirds Are Saying

"I've never had anything that tastes this good." -Brittney

"I woke up with EarlyBird this morning and I feel amazing!"- Shelby

"Boosted, happy mood, just all around focus!"- Adam

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No More Morning Drag

This was the perfect replacement for "creamer with coffee"! Its so good at waking me up, with no crash, that I HAD to share it with my husband! Great flavor (be sure to make it the night before like instructed), great product - definitely getting SH*T done! We may even split ours to half in the morning and half in the afternoon for the 3pm slump. Best instagram feed product I've purchased!

United States United States
Perfect pick me up

My husband and I started early bird just about a week ago and WoW! It’s the perfect pick me up to get just enough energy to not only get out of bed but to also be productive. We’ve even tried half in the morning and half in the afternoon to get through the dreaded afternoon lull. It does not give the jitters or any sort of crash. We have the blood orange flavor and I’d say, to me, it tastes like a mix of Flintstone vitamins and Tang. Unfortunately, I just found out I’m pregnant so I won’t be able to take it for another year or so but my husband will surely finish the tub on his own and we will reorder! Great job with a great product!

Super product !

I saw this product on my Instagram feed . Since Covid quarantines , I found myself feeling unmotivated and sluggish . I was curious to try it and for $67 I figured it won’t hurt ! The product did take awhile to ship but Chuckie was very transparent about what was going on with delays and the company had excellent customer communication. I receive my Product 2 days after his shipment came in . The shaker is not in yet but the package contained a handwritten note that it will be delivered once they get them . That was a nice touch I thought . I poured my scoop in a water bottle and left on my nightstand . This is my second day to try it . I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised ! I am a sucker for health and wellness products and usually underwhelmed at the results . This product actually does what it says !! I feel a clean sense of alertness and energy . I dislike products that make me feel jittery and the crash you feel later in the day . This product did not do that . I got so much done yesterday and felt great all day . I’m going to continue to use this for a week and evaluate the effects again. I’ll definitely spread the word to my friends and family !


This is the first morning I took Early Bird. I WAS skeptical, boy was I wrong! Within a few minutes, I noticed the difference. I’m really glad it has natural ingredients and the flavor is the best. I’m not a morning person. Now I can get up and “Get Shit Done”. Thank You!

Great stuff and wonderful customer service

This helps me be a morning person, which is something I've never been able to say before! It tastes awesome and gets me going when I don't want to wake up otherwise. Customer service is impressive too, I made an error in ordering and they got right back to me and fixed it. Great company.